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Further information:

Registration:                     Registration is open to nationally selected teams. One team per category and division. Refer to IRF Race Rules for further information (Sections A & B)

Registration date:             Registration closing date is Thursday, 10 March 2022

Registration form:             Registration forms can be found here. The form requires important information to be completed to register each team and team member. All details are mandatory. Once the form is complete, it must be submitted by your national federation to: register@internationalrafting.com

Entry fee:                          €600 (EUR) per team (4 or 5 team members)
Deadline for Entry Fee payments is 24 March 2022. No late payments accepted. Payment instructions for WRC 2022 Entry Fee.

Race rules:                        Racing will be in accordance with IRF Race Rules: www.internationalrafting.com/racing/race-rules

Rafts:                                Official rafts supplied are Time Trial 420:
Length 420, Width 200, Tubes 52, Thwarts x2, material PVC

Equipment:                       Teams are responsible for their own PFD, paddles, helmets, footwear, paddling clothing, throw bags and any additional paddling accessories they might require. We recommend a 3mm neoprene wetsuit for competitors.

Transport from Airports:   Free transport for all teams who fly into and/or depart from Bosnia and Herzegovina Airports (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla) on the following dates:

  • Arrivals: 24 and 25 May 2022
  • Departures: 02 and 03 June 2022

We will ask you for your detailed plan closer to the time.

Transport in Banja Luka:   For teams who don’t have their own transport, we will provide free buses from the City Centre and the villages (Karanovac, Krupa na Vrbasu) on the route to Official Training and Race (Sprint, H2H, Slalom) sites. Teams are allowed to use their own transport as long as they keep within safety rules of the transport plan.

Transport at Vrbas race sites:    Accredited vehicles will be allowed along the road at the race sites before and after the racing, but not during. The road along the Sprint, H2H and Slalom sections will be closed throughout all racing.

Transport to Tara River:    All teams will be provided free transport to the Tara River on 30 May. Teams may use their own transport but MUST stay within the Organisers official convoy under police escort. Any deviation may result in monetary fines and possible disqualification from the event.
All teams will be provided free transport back to Banja Luka, Sarajevo, or Tuzla on 02 June if they need it.
After the end of the Closing Ceremony at the Tara River, all participants are allowed to proceed with their own transport and with their own plans. They are not obliged to transport back to Banja Luka.

Fee for extra people coming with teams: €200 (EUR) per person. This includes:

  • Transport from Bosnia & Herzegovina Airports (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla) WITH THEIR TEAM on dates specified above in “Airport Transport”
  • Local transport from Banja Luka to race sites and back WITH THEIR TEAM
  • Three (3) nights of accommodation at the Tara camp location
  • Five (5) meals at the Tara camp location
  • Transport from Banja Luka to Tara on the 30 May, and back to Banja Luka on 02 June, as per “Transport to Tara River”

Accommodation in Banja Luka: We will help you to find accommodation at the best prices in the city. To make bookings like this, please contact: accommodation@wrc.ba

Accommodation in Foča:   Free accommodation for all registered persons is provided in the bungalows at the camps at the Downriver finish in Foča Municipality on the dates of 30 & 31 May and 01 June. Accommodation at the same venue on 02 June or other dates is at your own expense (max €10 per person).

For other information about transport, restaurants, night life, etc, see the official Foča tourism website at focaravajuce.org/en

Meals in Banja Luka:         Teams must provide all of their own meals in Banja Luka during the WRC. We will provide information about food, restaurants, and food deliveries. The food delivery program that the organisers recommend for all participants of WRC to use is with CEGER. You can download this food delivery app on the Playstore at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ceger.app (it has an inbuilt English translation using Google)
For more information, write to us on: food@wrc.ba

Meals in Foča:                   The Organiser will provide at least five (5) meals free of charge for all competitors during the competition on the Tara River. Meals will be a combination of domestic and international foods.

Rafts:                                Official rafts supplied are Time Trial 420:
Length 420, Width 200, Tubes 52, Thwarts x2, material PVC

Renting official rafts:        Official rafts may be rented before the event at the rate of €50 EUR per day, with a collateral deposit of €100 EUR per rental, which will be refunded at the end of the last training day if the raft is returned undamaged.

Awards:                            The Organiser will provide the medals for the winning teams.

Visas:                               Nationals of the following states may enter visa-free into Bosnia and Herzegovina with a passport or a valid identity card proving identity and citizenship of:

  • Member State of The European Union
  • State signatory to the Schengen Agreement
  • Andorra, Montenegro, Lichtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Serbia, the Holy See, and Switzerland

To see if you need a visa to enter into Bosnia and Herzegovina: www.mvp.gov.ba/konzularne_informacije/vize/Default.aspx

COVID:                             The most up to date COVID-19 status and restrictions for Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found here: www.granpol.gov.ba/Content/Read/74?title=Covid-19


Contact:                            Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: registration@wrc.ba


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Key details:

Dates: 25 May – 01 June 2022
River: Vrbas & Tara
Location: Banja Luka and Foča, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Categories: Men and Women
Divisions: Open, Masters (40+), Under 19, Under 23
Rafts: R4, TimeTrial 420
Organisation host: Rafting Klub Kanjon
Contact details: registration@wrc.ba

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