Mandala Team hailing from Argentina

The Mandala Team are five friends hailing from the Mendoza region of Argentina and ready to represent their country as the Open Women’s team. The team is made up of Agua Leiva, Pascua Pithod, Antonella Urbina, Daniela Maldonado and Denise Martinez. They all got into rafting in their adolescence. At the moment they are all … Read more

Croatia U19 Men hail from Slunj

The Croatia U19 Men’s team is part of the Kayak Canoe Club “Rastocki Mlinari”. They are situated in the small city of Slunj which is located on three rivers: Mreznica, Korana, and Slunjcica, and all of them are great for water activities such as kayaking and rafting. Most of their training though is held on … Read more

Quebec Juniors heading to WRC 2022

Quebec Juniors team are heading to World Rafting Champs 2022. So who is this new under 23 womens’ team from Canada? The team is composed of five girls from Quebec City aged 19-22.  It was formed in the summer of 2019 by a former national team athlete during her pregnancy. Béatrice Provencher is studying to become … Read more

Continuing the legacy: Team RAFA headed to WRC 2022

Team RAFA is made up of young athletes from the town of Turrialba – Marcelo Omodeo, Sergio Jiménez, Enrique Segura, and Jose Contreras are the ones to be racing at WRC 2022. Marlon Bustos started the team in 2016 and after his first race was noticed by Rafa Gallo for the great work he was … Read more

USA U19 Women heading to World Champs

The upcoming World Rafting Championships (WRC) which start on the 25 May, will see the California Poppies as the USA U19 Women’s team. Teams from all over the world come to compete at the WRC, and while they may not understand each others’ languages, they all understand one common language – that of the river. … Read more